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Airport Tax Auditing and Collection Systems


We have developed a computerized and customizable process to audit, secure and speed up the collection of airport tax and fees included in the passenger ticket. Based on available sets of industry messaging and tools to control passengers, such as a valid ID,bar coded boarding passes and flight closing messages, this new process guarantees the amount of taxes to be collected and issues IATA F12 file for the automatic fast settlement in the clearing house.

More than just a financial and auditing tool, the system permits the automated verification of boarding passes issued via web-checking or kiosks against the passenger documentation. This allows complying with the requirement of the police and supervisory authority to validate a mobile phone bar coded boarding pass before entering the sterile zone and at immigration.


We collect passenger numbers using specialized readers at security check points interpreting both bar coded and non bar coded boarding passes and optionally verifying IDs. The passenger counts at security check points are made available to the airlines for no-show management. At flight closing time, the airlines send one of the movement messages to the data processing center which combines the data collected at the security check point and the flight movement data coming from the airport AODB. The data processing center controls the data for discrepancy, treats exemptions, and issues IATA Form F12 for the direct settlement in the clearing house and invoices for non IATA BSP/ICH members.

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  • Reduced or no investment

  • Customizable to your airport environment and tax legislation

  • Phased deployment

  • Process to move from window base to ticket based collection

  • Easy implementation